Sunday, 20 July 2008

re:fresh 2008

(Steve Chalke speaking at re:fresh 2008)
The Chelmsford Christian Festival re:fresh 2008 came to a climax this morning with a service of celebration followed by a party in the park. Churches from across the town joined together to worship and to hear Steve Chalke's challenge to step out and follow Jesus. It was an opportunity to respond to Christ's call to follow whether one was already on the journey or considering responding for the first time. Steve used an illustration from Soren Kierkegaard about geese and asked the crowd whether we wanted to be wild geese liberated to fly and follow the sun or tame geese only concerned with our stomachs and being fattened up for Christmas! I have to admit to feelings of guilt as I tucked in to my Full Monty breakfast baguette for lunch.

Attendances at events during the nine day festival varied with some packed out and others suffering from the bad weather. Highlights included The London Community Gospel Choir, Godspell, Yfriday, Paul Jones and Fiona Hendley Jones as well as a wide range of seminars exploring topics such as war, politics, law and adversity. The festival was sponsored by local churches and Chelmsford Borough Council.

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Peter Kirk said...

Another blogger, myself, was there at the closing event. In fact the position of your final photo suggests that I was quite near you in the crowd, a little to your left, with a group from Meadgate Church, including Mones Farah who you might have recognised.