Wednesday, 6 August 2008

dordogne (1) - le nouvelle ferme

(view from bedroom Le Nouvelle Ferme, Gouts Rossignol)
Much to my wife's despair I discovered that our gite in the Dordogne has internet access and I just happened to have the laptop with me! Anyway, I've promised not to spend too much time indulging my addiction to the web. The gite is excellent, in a beautiful setting with a pool and great views. The village, Gouts Rossignol, is small but with a boulangerie across the road and plenty of good local food and wine to hand.

Only one disaster so far. A disc got stuck in our car cd player and I was facing the dual nightmare of days with only Primal Scream to listen to and the kids wrath at not being able to listen to the next instalment of Stephen Fry's excellent reading of Harry Potter 7. (To those of you who ask what a vicar is doing listening to Harry Potter I say 'get a life' or better still come on The Big Picture diocesan Lent & Eastertide school). After much prayer and laying on of hands the disc was released and I was spared from uttering my own primal screams and paying out to the local Renault car dealer.

O.K. time to get back to the pool.

(Le Nouvelle Ferme)


Jonathan Evens said...

Looks great - have a wonderful time.

Tim Goodbody said...

have a groovy time. Pretty good Anglican church in Limeul if that's near you and you don't fancy a holdiay from church