Sunday, 19 October 2008

why clergy blog

Judith Schultz is currently taking a degree in Pastoral Care & Psychology and one of her assignments for the next module is to conduct a small research paper on a chosen topic. She has decided to look at why clergy, in particular, blog. I have been tagged by Jonathan to give my responses so here are my answers to her questions in relation to her research paper entitled ‘WHY DO YOU BLOG?’:

1. Why do you blog?

For a variety of reasons:
  • to share information & news
  • comment on subjects that interest me
  • engage in debate on current issues
  • attempt to stimulate thought and elicit responses via comments
2. What do you blog?

Main areas: music, film, theology, work, current affairs, family news, sport, popular culture and faith.

3. When do you blog? (Is it every day, once a month etc)

On average twice a week.

4. Where do you blog? (From home, office, anywhere)

Mainly from home and occasionally office when there are work related issues. Also on holiday much to my wife's dismay!

5. Who are you blogging for? (Your intended audience)

Friends, family, colleagues and fellow bloggers.

6. Do you publicise your blogs?

No, except by word of mouth and via other blogs.

7. Do you check your blogs for comments? if yes - do you find the comments helpful?

Yes and yes. I always enjoy the comments and often they will give useful information, insights and links.

8. By blogging Sermons etc - do you feel that this makes the time spent in preparation more worthwhile by being able to reproduce it and hopefully to wider audience?

Unlike some colleagues I don't post my sermons mainly because, as I have commented previously, I don't believe a sermon is to be read but heard in a particular context. I prefer to talk about the preaching event because it should be an encounter and engagment; hopefully between preacher, congregation and God. I have less of a problem with a sermon being taped or video recorded - though it is still a second hand experience. Still I do enjoy reading colleagues sermons.

I tag Graham and Chris.

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judysteapot said...

Hi Phil - firstly I apologize for the delay in replying but I've just returned from my holiday. secondly, thank you for your contribution to 'why clergy blog', which I found most helpful. Actually I find the whole blogging area interesting :)

Although I'm an SA Officer - I'm also a licenced woman!! (licenced by the Bishop of Barking) and worship and minister at Christ Church, Thames View, Barking alongside Revd David Pearson. That's how I know Jon Evens.

Once again - many thanks - take care, Judyx