Thursday, 22 January 2009

lent and eastertide schools 2009

Bookings are still open for the Diocese of Chelmsford Lent & Eastertide Schools 2009. Information about the courses on offer can be found at Lent Schools 2009 and Eastertide Schools 2009.

I and some of my blogging colleagues will be running courses including:

The Big Picture 2: Exploring the engagement between Christianity, Christian Artists and Popular Culture.
Led by Jonathan Evens, Paul Trathen and Philip Ritchie.

Let Us Be Human: How might we put our theology, our global questions and our choices of lifestyle into a constructive dialogue?
Led by Sam Norton and Paul Trathen.

Living With Other Faiths: Exploring why Christians should engage with other faith communities and how we can go about doing this.
Led by Jonathan Evens and David Driscoll.

Other courses on offer cover subjects including:
The ministry of the Evangelist; dance and worship; the faith we share; Churches together today; Children, community and church; the Reformation in Essex and East London; is the Old Testament Christian? mission shaped ministry; walk thru' the Bible; Christian poetry; Old Testament lucky dip; signposts into life (vocation); pastoral care; Christian art; Myers Briggs refresher; prayer workshop.

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Sam Norton said...

When do you finish your sabbatical? It'd be good if there was an opportunity for a natter before the courses begin.