Saturday, 28 February 2009

still twittering

Decided to give Twitter a go last week and am still twittering. It doesn’t take long to get used to the conventions etc. and I have found it to be a useful complement to blogging.

The main benefits for me have been:

  • Convenient method for highlighting and communicating links to articles and posts which I have found interesting.
  • Useful source of material; e.g. one of the people I am following is tweeting a wide range of resources for Lent (from New Zealand).
  • Having a Twitter feed on my blog enables me to post comments, observations, news which I wouldn’t bother to put in a full blog post. My blog posts are also fed as a link through Twitter.
  • The technology is easy to set up and use and the resources are free.
  • It’s fun to follow people and particular subjects of interest.
  • Short feeds on breaking news, footy, faith …
  • Accessibility - you can Twitter from a variety of sources.

Haven’t got into TwitPic yet but can see the advantage for letting family and friends know what we are up to on holiday.

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