Monday, 27 April 2009

Ryan Giggs - P.F.A. Player of the Year

Last night Ryan Giggs O.B.E. received his latest honour by being voted Player of the Year by his fellow professionals. It is fitting recognition of the contribution Ryan has made not only to Manchester United and Wales over many years but is also appropriate for someone who is regarded as that rare commodity 'the model professional'.

Here are some of Ryan's achievements in the game so far:
799 Appearances for Manchester Utd
10 Premier League Titles
4 F.A. Cups
3 League Cups
2 EUFA Champions League Titles
1 FIFA Club World Cup
1 EUFA Super Cup
1 Intercontinental Cup
148 Goals
64 Caps for Wales
12 International Goals

Favourite moment: Man Utd v Arsenal F.A. Cup semi-final replay 1999. Giggs intercepts the ball on the half way line, beats most of the Arsenal mid-field and defence, before smashing the ball into the net to win the game for Utd as part of the glorious treble winning season. Giggs then stripped off his shirt and ran down the line waving it above his head to the adulation of the supporters.

Favourite quote: When asked by a reporter why he decided to play for Wales Giggs replied 'Because I'm Welsh.'


Sam Norton said...

Completely agree that he's been a great player - arguably the greatest premiership player ever - but he shouldn't have got that particular prize. And Lampard should definitely have been nominated...

(PS dodgy penalty decision!)

Rev Ches said...

Agree with Sam. Yes, great servant and model professional during his long career. But this is Player of the Year (as in 2009). With only a handful of league starts this season (with a few extra fingers) I think this particular award should have gone elsewhere. But, who can argue with fellow professionals (although none as professional as he).

Philip Ritchie said...

O.K. this hasn't been his best season but there aren't any other awards to acknowledge such magnificent service.