Thursday, 21 January 2010

England’s own goal

I am still reeling from the shock news that there will be no official England World Cup song for South Africa 2010. What are Fabio Capello and the Football Association playing at? Don’t they know that the traditional World Cup anthem is a vital part of the team and nation’s build up to these major international tournaments? Do they not appreciate the psychological damage wreaked upon the faithful footy fan, robbed of the opportunity to sing along with the likes of Embrace or the legendary Ant & Dec? This is a catastrophic blunder by England’s management that completely undermines the preparations of our brave boys.england 1970

Who can forget the wonderful rendition of Back Home sung by the 1970 World Cup squad and performed on Top of the Pops by the team resplendent in dinner jackets? Even the B-side Cinnamon Stick sent shivers down the spine. Or what about This Time the 1982 song which promised so much, even if the team did crash out in the second round after a 0-0 draw in Spain. Then of course the all time classic that is World in Motion performed by England and New Order and embellished with a barnstorming rap from MC John Barnes. Think what would have happened if England hadn’t gone into these tournaments having laid down their vocals and conquered the charts.

esso coinNext they’ll be telling us that Esso won’t be issuing a set of England World Cup squad minted coins to collect and that car mountable St. George’s flags are no longer available from Poundland (or 97.5p land as it was before VAT went back up).

‘Cry God for Harry, England and St. George’ this decision must not stand.

I suppose it should be acknowledged that the last time England didn't have a World Cup song was in 1966 and we all know what happened then!


David said...

'Back home' was brilliant! It's the World Cup song I always think of when World Cup songs are mentioned. (They don't make them like they used to. In fact, as you remind us, they don't make them at all now!)

George Dragon said...

I loved `Back Home` and even [as a very small boy] saw that England team training before going to the Mexico.

Probably helped to inspire `Green Fields of England` by George and the Dragons. Check it out at at or on YouTube