Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Life without Limbs

I happened to catch part of comedian Russell Howard’s Good News on TV last night. Howard is a regular on Mock The Week and his show is a fairly standard format in which he comments on different topics often related to stories he’s come across on the news or in the media. The twist is that Howard always tries to finish the show with a video clip which is positive and life affirming. It’s strange because you watch the clip and wait for the cynical comment before the closing credits but it never comes.

On last night’s show Howard finished with a clip of a young man with no arms or legs giving a talk to a group of high school students in the U.S.A.. As I watched the clip I couldn’t help wondering whether the speaker was a Christian; there was a book on stage with him which looked like a Bible though he didn’t actually refer to it. After the clip was shown Howard simply said how inspiring he found the young man and said goodnight. I couldn’t find the clip used in the show but did find another one of the same young man. His name is Nick Vujicic and his organisation is called Life Without Limbs. Nick is a Christian and I thought it was so refreshing both to hear his story and to see his video being used by a mainstream comedian on television. Well done BBC and thanks Russell Howard.


Revsimmy said...

Thanks for the clip and link. I caught the end of Russell Howard's show too and was impressed oth by Nick Vujicic, but also by Russell's enthusiasm and allowing the video clip to speak for itself.

Competitons said...

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