Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Greenbelt 2010 #gb10

A guest post by my wife Kate, who felt moved to pen the following reflection on this year’s experience of Greenbelt.
Queuing, queuing, queuing
I know its part of life
But when it came to Greenbelt
The problem became rife.

It started in the car park
And soon spread to the loos –
No matter you were desperate
To do your number twos.

They queued to get the best seats
To see the main event
Just to find the guy from ‘Rev’
Was in another tent.

And if you were a parent
You were queuing for the queue
‘Get there early’ someone sighed
‘Try 2002’.

Some of the old timers
Knew to come prepared
With chairs and books and flasks of tea
Shed Seven though were spared!

But patience is a virtue
A queue’s a chance to pray
Or start a conversation
And brighten someone’s day.

So next time stewards tell me
My wait has been in vain
I’ll thank them for their courage
And bless them in the rain.

Unless someone has queue jumped
Which justifies complaint
For though I am a Christian
I’m not a ******** Saint!
And some pics…
greenbeltkids K & D chilling in the Tiny Tea Tent
thevicaragesMr and Mrs Vicarage
greenbeltmud The slough of despond: our tent was 2nd from the left
Greenbeltflags Keeping the flags flying
greenbeltdodgebros‘Militant skiffle’ from The Dodge Brothers

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