Saturday, 14 May 2011

Championes #19

Manchester United Premier League Champions 2010-2011. Made all the sweeter by taking Liverpool’s record with a 19th League title.



Peter Kirk said...

Well, anyone can Photoshop a picture. The real one, on the M6 just north of junction 21 (and a couple of miles from my home) tells a different story: Manchester 16, Liverpool 20 (image captured from Google Maps) (but I don't take the Leeds and Wigan figures too seriously!)

Peter Kirk said...

OK, I'll let you off, there IS such a sign on the M6, southbound just by junction 24, in fact just next to the A58 overbridge. The only Photoshop involved is that "Birmingham 84" has been deleted. But I don't suppose that one will ever happen.

Anonymous said...

Shame Man U will be in administration within 2 years....we will miss them..;)