Thursday, 31 July 2014

Bacon bap fail.

The Guardian has an article today in which the author describes teaching her children how to make a Bacon bap from scratch. A noble idea and it looks like good fun. The problem is it fails at step one when they go to the butcher to buy some pork belly which they will then cut up and cure. Now I may have misunderstood but surely if you are going to make it all from scratch you need to buy a piglet, avoid giving it a name, raise it, slaughter it, butcher it and then cure the pork belly. Otherwise to my mind it isn't making a bacon bap from scratch but from basic ingredients.

But here's the real failure in this article. Tomato sauce - NO! The only sauce in a proper bacon bap is brown sauce, the more toxic the better. My preference is for the sort that eats through a kitchen work surface if not cleaned up within thirty seconds of spillage.

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James said...

Dijon Mustard, you heretic! :))