Sunday, 27 November 2016

Song for Advent #1: Immanuel - Beat Convention

During Lent I posted a song each day that for me resonated with the themes of the season. I've decided to reboot my blog to post songs for Advent along the same lines. The first is a reworking of the classic Advent song 'O Come O Come Emmanuel' by Beat Convention. The rap lyrics are:

Emmanuel, God with us,
In the heart of the night, a flame that flickers,
A dim light in the depth of the winter,
Splinters the cold, control disintegrator.
Behold, time foretold, the plan unfolds,
A crack in the rock, the glimmer of gold
“It’s Christmas, and Oh my God it’s great!
Snowflakes and skates, baby Jesus’ birthday”,
We all sing “Oh come let us adore”,
But are you sure what you’re asking for?
This kid’s gonna grow to have his hands nailed to boards,
War with death, he’s the Trojan horse,
See here’s the things, sin’s got claws,
It’s viral and we’ve all breathed the spores,
My lungs aren’t pure, neither are yours,
And the cure was born as a martyr descending,
Hope secured through premature life ending,
As the world resisted,
Jesus made immigrant in massacre of infants,
War crimes to ‘honour' his existence.
So this year, while you’re out spending, check your understanding, it might need mending,
The love that the Father’s extending is quiet, no war sirens,
But silent night sparked violent fight,
Boy deployed behind enemy lines,
And while that birth marked the end had begun,
The struggle for hearts in the dark goes on.


Judith Rolfe said...
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Judith Rolfe said...

Amazing. Such a lovely arrangement of traditional music with ththe rap, and such strong sentiments.