Saturday, 3 December 2016

Song for Advent #7: Prepare Ye (the way of the Lord) - Godspell

Of the various musicals made about the life of Christ my favourite is Godspell, not least because I've played drums for it on occasions. At the time Godspell was seen as controversial because it portrays Jesus as a clown but it is much more faithful to the gospels than say Jesus Christ Superstar. In this opening scene John the Baptist calls for people to prepare for the Lord's coming and although the film is very dated I love the exuberance of both the song and the baptisms in a Central Park fountain. The figure of Jesus is glimpsed briefly on the edge of the action. John the Baptist is one of the key Advent characters calling on people to get ready for the Lord's coming. John's call to prepare was radical, challenging and dangerous as Luke chapter 3 makes clear.

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