Monday, 8 September 2008

how come ? (2) - footy

Scanned the TV schedule on Saturday evening to find the highlights of the England v Andorra match only to discover it wasn’t being shown. The FA has sold the rights to England’s away fixtures to Setanta subscription channel and they couldn’t agree a fee to sell the highlights to the BBC or ITV.

How come you can’t watch the national team without forking out to a pay per view channel? Why didn’t the FA make it a condition of their rights sale that highlights had to be shown on terrestrial TV? Footy is heading the way of cricket and boxing with fewer people able to watch unless they stump up the dosh. Not good for the punter and not good for the sport. If you stick it on a channel that no one watches then gradually people will lose interest. Still I ought to be grateful because it did mean I was spared watching John Terry hoofing the ball aimlessly into touch, Wayne Rooney running around looking for a booking and the inevitable series of misses against a bunch of cloggers who wouldn’t grace League Division 2. Scraped a 2-0 win for goodness sake!

Still Andy Murray did us proud in the tennis; edge of the bed stuff last night as I listened to his triumph over Nadal. Playing Federer tonight for the U.S. Open title – come on!!!

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