Wednesday, 11 March 2009

goodbye jose - man utd 2 - 0 inter milan

This could have been a tricky one for Man Utd but in the end they have seen off Jose Mourinho and Inter Milan 2-0. Make no mistake this game could have caused Utd problems and Inter threatened Utd's goal on several occasions. Early goals at the beginning of each half, however, ensured victory and a safe passage into the last 8 for the Champions of Europe.

It's been a great week for the English sides in the Champions League with Utd's win, Liverpool destroying Real Madrid, Arsenal beating Roma on penalties and Chelski overcoming Juventus. No doubt Michel Platini will complain about the English clubs having too much money and power and try to dream up new ways of weakening their dominance of Europe. Platini the President of UEFA moans about English clubs using their financial muscle to buy up the the best players. I didn't hear him complain when Real Madrid and AC Milan were doing the same. He argues that the rules should force clubs to select a number of home grown players. Of course Platini practiced what he preaches; a French player who spent the best years of his carear in Italy with Juventus.

Platini and Sepp Blatter, President of FIFA, can't stand English clubs' success in international tournaments and make little effort to hide their contempt. Well Sepp and Michel read the results and weep.


Tim Goodbody said...

Hi Phil,
it was a good night though I'm sure Arsenal only won because I couldn't bear to listen to the sudden death penalties and went to bed!
Manchester United also led teh filed in terms of the number of Englsih (or at least British) players they field.

Tim Goodbody said...

But nothing tops this

Philip Ritchie said...

Hi Tim,
Did you notice that Inter only fielded one Italian in their starting 11! Wonder what Platini & Blatter have to say about that?

Rev Ches said...

Hi Phil, great result and good to hear a 'humble' Jose afterwards - still got that old coat though. Hope Inter keep him and go for the long haul rather than seek instant success in Europe.