Friday, 27 March 2009

olympic dream in concrete and steel

Many people don’t know that Chelmsford is the real Olympic Diocese. Stratford is part of Chelmsford Diocese not London and I smile about this each time I travel past the Olympic site on the train. It’s fascinating to see the progress being made in constructing the different venues and putting the complex infrastructure in place. If I don’t see the site for a couple of weeks I am taken aback by how much progress has been made over a few days.

The Olympic Stadium
Coming back from London earlier this week I found myself reflecting on all the skills being employed in the Olympic development. The skeletons of some of the venues are now rising from the foundations; huge iron girders welded together and bolted to massive concrete pillars; the main stadium a spider’s web of metal gradually spreading to form an oval theatre; the aquatic centre a series of frailer looking pylons forming a frame for the diving and swimming pools. It is a stunning spectacle as the designs, plans and labours of surveyors, architects, construction engineers and builders gradually take shape.

The Olympic Aquatic Centre
When the Olympics take place in 2012 we will celebrate the achievements of competitors from across the world, hang medals round the necks of champions and garland them with flowers. We will recognise the blood, sweat and tears poured into years of dedicated training by athletes and coaches. But what about those who will have poured their blood, sweat and tears into creating this Olympic oasis, will we celebrate their dedication, creativity and exhausting endeavours? Why do we find it so easy to recognise the gifts and creativity of some and yet take the skills and achievements of others for granted? Seeing the Olympic Park materialise reminds me that they are all reflecting the image of God using the talents he has entrusted to them.

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