Saturday, 20 June 2009

the big feast


Steve Kersys: Master Chef of The Big Feast

Great day at Chelmsford Cathedral for The Big Feast; a festival for primary age children and parents/carers. Over 330 children and 120 adults came along. The day began with The Smile Puppets before some worship led by CRE8 from Colchester. Bishop John Gladwin welcomed everyone and prayed for the day; he obviously has some influence as the rain held off.

During the day groups of children rotated around various activities, indoors and outside, including: craft making, sweet making, music, messy art, big outdoor games, stained glass window making (biscuits), dance and flags, scrap art, Sumo wrestling, banana splits, bouncy castle and slide, puppetry and graffiti art.

The day was rounded off with some closing worship and a final rousing rendition of Oh Happy Day. Here’s some pictures from the day.

BP2The Smile Puppets


BP4Bishop John Gladwin prays for The Big Feast

BP5Puppet workshop

BP6Flags & Dance

BF9 BF10

Sumo, pillow fight, messy art & cage football

Well done Steve Kersys, the Children's Committee and everyone else involved in the day; it really was a great feast.


Kathryn said...

All looks great,& encourages me for our Children's Festival ("Children for a Change") in 2 weeks time...
Glad Big Feast went so well.

Sam Norton said...

My eldest was there and came back bubbling about how wonderful it was.

Philip Ritchie said...

Kathryn, I hope 'Children for a Change' goes well.
Sam, really pleased to hear your eldest enjoyed it so much.