Friday, 25 September 2009

billboard wars

A few weeks ago Manchester City fans put up a billboard proclaiming the news that they had pinched Carlos Tevez from Manchester Utd. Following Utd's fantastic defeat of City at the weekend, Utd fans have responded with the billboard above. The picture shows Utd's new signing Michael Owen celebrating his magnificent last gasp goal in the Manchester derby, which Utd won 4-3. Michael Owen joined Utd on a free transfer, City paid approximatley £25 million for Tevez; I wonder who got the better bargain?

Here's a photo of the original Tevez poster showing a rather disdainful Ryan Giggs looking down with the words Pity The Fool.

h/t the excellent Off The Post
Owen pic. Benny Smyth
Tevez/Giggs pic. Stephen Broadhurst


Tim Goodbody said...

Who got the best deal?
Here's your answer!

I like Owen, but he is a little past his sell by date. Doesn't look like they're goign to need him to win stuff though

Philip Ritchie said...

Yeh, he's never going to be free of injury and that's why Owen will be used as an impact player. However, he's worth it just for that goal against Man City and I can see him scoring a few more like that during the season.