Sunday, 13 September 2009


Following my post on The Gospel According To Nick Cave, Cosmo has drawn my attention to CAVEspers a service developed by Nick Coke based on Cave’s songs. Nick explains CAVEspers as follows:

Why CAVEspers? Well, there is definitely something of the night about Nick Cave, and it just seems appropriate that Vespers, the evening prayer service, belongs to him.

CAVEspers is partly a response to the development of U2charists which Nick critiques in the following comment on his blog:

I get the concept - somewhat in line with this blog - and I do like U2. However, in my mind it's cheating slightly! Using U2 is pretty much like using church music or at least Delirious? and the dozens of Christian bands that mimic the U2 sound. What I want is something a little bit more 'edgy'.

I understand Nick’s concern, though I think there are plenty of ‘edgy’ U2 songs around. There's an interesting discussion going on at Elizaphanian on the U2 top ten.

Nick’s website is called Songs For The Journey and contains some great suggestions of songs that ‘motivate, inspire and challenge faith’. Anyway, check out CAVEspers and see what you think. Here’s another of my favourite Nick Cave songs There She Goes My Beautiful World.


Nick Coke said...

Hey Phil - thahks for the post on CAVEspers - you've spurred me on for my next 'sunday service' over at Songs for the Journey.

Keep up the great blog!

Philip Ritchie said...

Hi Nick, great to hear from you and I look forward to the next offering on Songs for the Journey; I've added it to my blog roll.