Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Reel Issues

Looks like some useful material from the Bible Society. Reel Issues are a set of free resources to help groups discuss links between big-screen themes, everyday life and the Bible in a relaxed setting. There are three formats described as:

  • Epic – for small groups
  • Clip – for quick and friendly chats
  • Scene – for youth groups

A quick look at the films listed held few surprises but that may be no bad thing; there’s not much point discussing films no one’s watching. However, it wouldn’t hurt to stretch people now and again and I was disappointed that Babette’s Feast for example wasn’t on the list. I also tried to find a couple of relatively new releases including Up and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with no success and was left wondering how quickly they are able to add resources for new DVD titles. Difficult to judge how good the resources are without using them so I’ll be interested to see how useful groups and churches find them.

Check out what David Suchet and Nev Pierce (Empire Magazine) have to say about Reel Issues.

h/t Fellow devotee of Man Utd Pete Phillips

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