Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Spirit Talking

Do not miss this fantastic conference in May: The Holy Spirit in the World Today. The speakers are as good a line up as one could wish for and include: Jürgen Moltmann; David Ford; Rowan Williams and Miroslav Volf.

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The conference will also include Seminar times for short papers and interactive discussion. This will be an academic conference with a difference, providing the best possible theological input and discussion in the context of worship, prayer and ministry.

The conference is hosted by St Mellitus College and Holy Trinity Brompton on 20th-21st May 2010 at HTB and themes explored will include:

  • How does the Spirit work in the Church?
  • In what ways is the Spirit at work in wider culture and the workplace?
  • How does the Spirit relate to the Trinitarian life of God?
  • How does the Spirit relate to the mission of the Church?
  • Is the Spirit at work in other faiths?
  • How does the Spirit affect Christian life and ethical choices?
  • What does ‘openness to the Spirit’ mean?

For further details about the conference and booking arrangements go to this link.

I’m booked in, what about you?

Update: There have been some enquiries about cost. The prices are: £75 full; £50 student. The detailed programme for the conference is available here.


Dave Faulkner said...

Looks fantastic, Phil (says he who did loadsaMoltmann in his MPhil!).

Sam Norton said...

Looks good but the website link is one that drives me mad - you have to register before they give you the relevant information (eg the cost). I'm not about to do that.

Philip Ritchie said...

Sam, you are not the first to complain about this and I agree it is a pain.
The cost is as follows:
£75 full
£50 student
£20 SMC student
£0 staff
Hope this helps.
Details of the programme can be found at http://www.htb.org.uk/conferences/holy-spirit-world-today

Dave, Moltmann's been one of my go to theologians since uni in the early '80s.

Dave Faulkner said...

Thanks, Phil, I did an MPhil relating eschatology and ecclesiology so 'The Church in the Power of the Spirit' was a major text. Further, my supervisor was Richard Bauckham, an authority on Moltmann, of course.

Thanks also for the cost info - I gave up when I found I had to register before learning vital information. It's pretty bad web practice in my opinion.

Tim Goodbody said...

thanks Philip,
can we use CME money for this?

Rev Ches said...

I'm booked in! Looking forward to it