Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Perspective: World Cup 2010 (1)

Heard a great interview with Rio Ferdinand on BBC Radio 5 Live yesterday which put his injury and the World Cup in some perspective. RioFerdinand

Rio, England’s captain for the World Cup in South Africa, was injured in a training session last week and has been ruled out of the tournament. He described how he knew straight away that the injury was bad but that he had to go to hospital for a scan to confirm what he suspected. While waiting for the diagnosis in the hospital, Rio saw another young man being wheeled in who was very seriously injured following a car accident. England’s captain said that he knew he would be back playing football in a couple of months but that this other patient was fighting for his life. He went on to say of his injury: ‘It’s not all doom and gloom even though it is disappointing’. It was really refreshing to hear a professional footballer refusing to wallow in self pity despite loosing out on what could have been some of the greatest moments of his career. A sure sign that Fabio Capello made the right choice in making Ferdinand England’s captain. You can hear the full interview here.

Let’s hope players,fans and the media can keep a bit of perspective over the coming month; though my wife would say ‘physician heal thyself!’.

An early test of perspective keeping came this morning when I discovered I have drawn Slovenia in Dave Walker’s Cartoon Church Sweepstake.

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