Saturday, 20 November 2010

#favbible: what’s your favourite Bible & why?

Bible Year 2011 is launched on December 5th in the Diocese of Chelmsford. As part of the launch the members of Bishop’s Staff were asked ‘what’s your favourite Bible and why?’ and you can see their answers here.

My #favbible is a leather bound RSV my parents gave me when I left home to play drums in a band. Annotated from using Search the Scriptures.

I thought it would be interesting to find out how others would answer the question and asked friends on Twitter to respond using the #favbible hashtag. Here are some of the responses:

@edrescherphd: I'm really liking the Green Bible (NSRV) from HarperOne these days #favbible

@Elizaphanian: I'm enjoying the NLT at the moment - very refreshing #favbible

@Twurchsteward: #favbible is The Stewardship Bible (NIV) tons of resources not just money related.

@funkydoofamily: #favbible is Cover to Cover for personal and trusty NIV for reading from.

@popies: I'm very happy with my NLT study bible, accessible text and great supporting notes #favbible

@artsyhonker: Don't currently have a #favbible, keep NRSV and KJV in the house, grew up with NIV (I think...).

@crimperman: my NCV. It's just the right size and has a green cover. #favbible

@popies: my kids are enjoying the International Childrens Bible - first proper bible! Study with Topz daily notes #favbible

@GerrardusA: the little NIV I bought when a new Christian. What a sense of strangeness that was. #favbible

@riggwelter: #favbible is any decent translation (my pref: TNIV or NRSV) and no extra guff. Matched with Greek/Hebrew texts.

@6Eight: I've got a smallish NKJV which just fits in the back pocket of my fav jeans. Where I goes it goes #favbible

@pmphillips: An old battered inclusive NIV is my companion! And huge Thomson Chain Ref leather NIV - so good! #favbible

@margaretkiaora: #favbible RSV with Alan Sorrell illustrations, loved the pictures first , then started reading the Bible.

@HellsJBells: Life Application Study NIV Bible is my #favbible - tons of notes relevant to everyday life as a Christian

@PeterOuld: #favbible - ESV - great literal rendering for study purposes; NLT for contemplation.

@thechurchmouse: My #favbible is the NEB I was given by my God Father at my baptism. I neglected it for over 20 years, now I cling to it and thank God for it.

@Mac_Wood: the Message Bible - breathes new life into familiar verses #favbible

@willscookson: My #favbible was my Good News Bible New Testament. Given it when I first explored Christianity as a teenager. Lent it and never got it back.

@rohitmr: #favbible Good News Bible - iPhone app ( Beautifully designed and a joy to read.

@faulksguy: My #favbible is the ESV for its textual accuracy.

@MrCatOLick: J B Phillips #favbible

@kouya: My #favbible is the Kouya New Testament (if you want an English one, I tend to use the NLT)

@dave42w: #favbible (s) 1st TNIV then Message or CEV (esp 4 worship) with NRSV 4 study. The Source as helpful alt rendering.

@drbexl: My #favbible @ the mo is "The Message" - gain overview of meaning. Love @youversion, NIV is solid vers. #bigbible #biblefresh
@deiknuo: My #favbible is my ESV Study Bible. I have a love-hate relationship with GNB (pew Bible in church)
@thevicarswife: My #favbible is my ESV journalling bible- good literal & poetic translation, space to write in the margins, strap to keep notes in.
@butlerjd: My #favbible is ESV & mixing that with The Message. #bigbible #biblefresh - great vid for ESV

@Rhapsody42: #favbible Softcover NIV:small enough to fit in my bag but with enough space for writing notes.Looks a bit tatty but then it's well travelled

@Nick_Payne: #favbible Olive Tree App on iPhone...

@Trinitynewsblog: Our church has the Good News Bible #favbible but we use many different translations at various times: NIV; Message;King James;(StreetBible)

@jevens: have a battered & much underlined NIV but current fave is the Message #favbible

@fionabuddonline: My #favbible is the NLT: it gets under my skin. Use NRSV for study and NIV to preach. Luxuries. Heads up for @wycliffeuk @biblesociety
@john_nornirn: My #favbible (#biblefresh) is the one through which God speaks clearly to every person in the world in their heart language #wycliffeuk

@ramtopsrac: #favbible Thompson Chain NIV bought as student with added tags for lousy memory, and post-it's for recurring passages - TNIV more inclusive

@butlerjd: My #favbible is ESV & mixing that with The Message. #bigbible #biblefresh - great vid for ESV

@Mac_Wood: @biblefresh the Message Bible - breathes new life into familiar verses #favbible
So, what’s your favourite Bible and why?


Revsimmy said...

I have used NRSV almost exclusively for the last 12 years, NIV before that. Very occasional forays into Message and CEV for All-age services.

Tim Goodbody said...

mine would be the parallel TNIV/Message hardback we were given on arrival here.
Mr Pedantic (my not so superhero alter ego) says that teh Message is not a Bible Translation but a paraphrase ...

Rosemary Potten said...

Mine is my NLT Student's Life Application Bible which I found so useful during my Reader Training. Occasionally use The Message when I want something really 'down to earth'.

Sir Watkin said...
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Sir Watkin said...

Septuagint and Greek N.T. (Textus Receptus).

i.e. the Bible of the Church as opposed to the speculations of mere scholars.

Tim Chesterton said...

Currently revisiting my elderly New English Bible and surprised to find how thoroughly I'm enjoying it. The text reads well and I especially like the lovely one column format with the verse numbers off to the side.