Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Seek the Welfare of the City

welfare of the city

We live within conditions of globalisation where over half the world’s population now live in cities. The urban context is thus the primary arena for Christian mission and ministry; yet the existing patterns of mission and ministry seem dominated by either rural or monastic models of practice. There is a real hunger to learn from imaginative, prophetic and resilient examples of faithful urban mission and ministry and generative, hopeful frameworks of understanding that can help seed innovative and inspiring work. The Seek the Welfare of the City conference is designed to meet this hunger.

This important two day conference takes place at Holy Trinity Brompton on 25th November and St Paul’s Hammersmith on 26th November. The conference is earthed in practice which provides the context for more broad-ranging discussions. Case studies of cutting edge examples of urban mission and ministry set within a broad overview of relevant issues and developments begin each session. These generate broader discussions in a plenary setting facilitated by someone who integrates academic research with on-the-ground experience. The conference ‘journey’ overall is from practice to theory, with the groundbreaking examples of actual ministries providing the context (primarily on the second day) for identifying generic frameworks to enable participants to reflect more rigorously and relevantly about urban mission and ministry.

Each day begins with an inspirational presentation that synthesises theology and practice. Day one opens with Bishop Doug Miles sharing his testimony of 40 years experience of growing large churches in the extremely tough context of Baltimore and his extensive social and political engagements. Day two opens with Bishop John Inge setting out a framework for understanding what it means to be a local church in a globalised world and how a sense of place can nourish urban mission and ministry. The conference closes with a discussion of Luke Bretherton’s book Christianity & Contemporary Politics by leading theologians. Bretherton’s book addresses, on the one hand, the intersection between Christianity, place and identity, and on the other, the relationship between church, civil society, the market and the state. Through a series of case studies, the book sets out a vision of what faithful witness within the contemporary, predominantly urban context involves.

Come share you own experience and be inspired, provoked and nourished.

Further details about the Seek the Welfare of the City conference and booking fees and arrangements can be found here.

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