Monday, 21 February 2011

Cooked - a culturally revealing advert meme

Thought this was an interesting meme set up by Clayboy: If you were a media or cultural studies teacher, which current TV advert would you pick for a challenging reflection on our cultural values?

I’ve picked the Thomas Cook advert featuring Jamie and Louise Redknapp. The advert ran last year but I’m sure I’ve seen it quite recently. Here are some of the issues and questions raised by the campaign.
  • The use of young, attractive celebrities from the worlds of sport and entertainment to promote a product. Interesting that Jamie’s football skills are referenced but not Louise’s singing!
  • You would never know that the Redknapps have a young family because they tell us ‘we are at our best when we are on it (the holiday)’. They are on holiday without their children.
  • The location could be anywhere with sun, sand and surf with no sense of a specific place.
  • There are no cultural reference points nor is there any encounter with the local population. Enjoy the climate and location without having to engage with the local community. 
  • ‘We fantasise about it’, ‘we shop for it’, ‘we lose weight for it’. Consumerism, body image and escapism.
  • The advert suggests leisure is a serious matter involving important choices; it needs research, careful planning and preparation.
Here's the advert.

    Now watch the mashup

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