Saturday, 2 July 2011

Last one out turn off the light.

It’s been a strange time in the blogosphere as one by one my favourite blogs have disappeared or at least gone a bit quiet, except for a certain Archdruid. It reminds me of one of those Dr Who episodes in which the stars go out leaving a black void in the night sky. I’m not surprised. After an intense period of blogging people are taking a rest and I think I’ll join them.

My own blog output has diminished in recent weeks due to pressure of work. Not so much lack of time to blog but lack of time to reflect which is the prep for blogging; to be honest I’m just too knackered. This is what I expected having taken up a new role and needing to get up to speed with the organisational and administrative aspects of the job alongside the mission/ministry/vision stuff which I love. The most productive time for chewing over a possible blog post is walking the dog but that is also a good time to mull over a sermon. So I’m really acknowledging what has already begun to happen. I’ll post occasionally over the summer and see how things stand after the holidays.

Thanks to all those who read my ramblings and especially to those who take the time to interact through comments, Twitter and Facebook. I stand by all I’ve said about the importance of digital communication and social media networking in the life of the church but in the words of Lili Von Shtupp from Blazing Saddles ‘I’m Tired’.


Lay Anglicana said...

In the name of all your readers, can I thank you for your past posts but put in a plea. Would you instead consider keeping your hand in by setting yourself a less frequent (fortnightly? three-weekly? monthly?) target? As a former editor, I suggest you keep some form of routine in mind as, in my experience, if you just say to yourself 'occasionally', it will never happen! But take a rest, chill out - what is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare (as someone else said)

Archdruid Eileen said...

Take a rest! But stay in touch occasionally. Have posted some comments of my own.