Friday, 8 July 2011

The real crisis

Not surprisingly, the shenanigans at the News of the World and News International have dominated news bulletins for the last few days. It took far too long for the story to gain traction in the wider media, save for a few diligent reporters and the work of The Guardian. The real tragedy in all this is that another story of crisis, which in other times would be dominating the headlines, has been squeezed.

Severe drought is threatening the lives of millions in East Africa and the situation in West Africa is also very serious.  I’ll let the video tell the story but urge you to respond by supporting the aid appeals. Yes, I know all the arguments about whether aid relief is a problem or solution to the issues facing large parts of Africa. At the moment what those dying of thirst, starvation, disease and exhaustion need is relief and we can save the intellectual handwringing for less pressing times.


Sipech said...

Well said, Phil! I heard that James Murdoch had said proceeds from the final edition of the NOTW would be donated to “good causes.” I hope the DEC appeal will be one of these, though I’d be happy if everyone bypassed the red-top route.

Elwin Cockett said...

Sadly, I think Murdoch specifically said that the proceeds will be going to charities doing good work in Britain.

stripes said...

Well said. From what I've heard of their stance, I think even those most sceptical about the long term benefits of aid are willing to support its use for relief following natural disasters, which would surely include the worst drought for 60 years.