Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Invisible signs

I seem to have developed the ability to see signs that don't exist. Take for example the sign in this picture. I know it doesn't really exist because I keep meeting cyclists on this path and I'm sure they wouldn't be riding there if they had seen the sign. This is the path by our church, St. Mary's, which leads from Church Street to The Chase and also to our Church Centre and office. I use the path every day and more often than not meet a cyclist riding along it. One morning a while back after morning prayer a cyclist rode into me, threw down his bike and ran after me while swearing and threatening me. Apparently I was a *&%$£*! +*^&%£$" for failing to jump into the hedge to avoid being caught by his handle bars. This is also the path many of our parents use to take their children to the Playschool and Toddlers in the morning and at lunchtime. My real concern is one of the little ones being hit by someone hurtling along the path and not seeing them. Now why doesn't the council put a sign up to avoid this happening?

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I agree.....get so look fed up every morning whilst walking to work. Get cycled into, sworn at, screamed at.....and all because I have the nerve to walk on a FOOTPATH!!