Thursday, 12 June 2014

Unwelcome post

Made a basic school boy error this morning when I forgot to put the note on the door asking our postie not to deliver the free copy of The Sun to The Rectory. Today Murdoch's rag is being delivered free to households up and down the country. The excuse for doing it today is the start of the World Cup and the newspaper is touting itself as a celebration of what it means to be English under the headline This Is Our England.

I thought I'd check out the content. No page 3 for a change so at least something positive but it does raise the question why? If they are worried about causing offence then why do they have it in their normal editions? If you want to campaign against page 3 then check out the No More Page 3 website. Some of the usual suspects are in there including the professional rent a gobs represented by Clarkson, Hopkins, Moore and a predictably obnoxious piece courtesy of  Rod Liddle. I was very disappointed to discover James Corden and Alex James contributing.

This free edition isn't being delivered to Liverpool post codes; recognising that to have done so would have led to one of the biggest bonfires since 1666. Never forget the way that The Sun defamed those caught up in the Hillsborough tragedy and used the death of 96 supporters to boost its circulation figures.

Anyway, what to do. Well I thought I'd return the compliment and send my copy back to The Sun. If you'd like to join me here's the address: FREEPOST, The Sun, London E98 1AX.

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Ray Barnes said...

Read your last paragraph just too late.
As my copy came through the letter-box I was on my way to the recycling bin, so gathered it into my collection and is now under another load of unwanted rubbish.
Unread of course.