Monday, 5 September 2011

Has God unfollowed me?

There's a debate kicking off on Twitter as various people have either given up or decided to stop following other tweeters. The reason given is the amount of spam doing the rounds in the twittershpere. I saw this cartoon the other day and it made me smile.


h/t @FisherPeter


Pete Phillips said...

That unfollowing is to solve an issue with spam. I've seen three people do it and two have said they will gradually refollow. Both have huge numbers. Graham Richards advocates less indiscriminate following in the first place. As Twitter grows people are being more selective...


Phil Groom said...

Can't say as I'd noticed the debate. If I receive DM spam (I'm guessing that's the spam you're referring to) I assume that the person's account has been compromised, unfollow and send them a public tweet to let them know. Usually refollow when I know they've taken appropriate action.

As for those talking about giving up ... what was that J said about people who put their hand to the ploughshare but keep looking back? Let them go, I say: there's no law that requires anyone to be on twitter... I'm notbovvered :)

Dean Roberts said...

I've definitely seen the debate going on. I wonder how the spam is getting through. I've seen loads of Vicars direct message me saying 'OMG' - I didn't think it would be them!