Saturday, 10 September 2011

Per sueded

I read an interesting interview with Brett Anderson this morning. Anderson is the former lead singer with 90s band Suede who were once heralded in the music press as 'the next big thing'. They won the Mercury Prize in 1993 but never quite fulfilled their early promise. I enjoyed Suede's distinctive brand of pop and in particular the guitar playing of the underrated Bernard Butler (who quit after the first two albums) and Anderson's vocals.

During The Guardian interview Anderson was asked if he could go back in time where would he go and his reply took me by surprise:

'Even though I'm not a Christian, I can't think of anything more fascinating than observing the reality of the human being whose legacy became one of the single most powerful forces on earth.'

I hope Anderson continues to reflect on this and comes to discover why Jesus had and still has such an impact on people's lives.

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