Saturday, 14 June 2008

that's why I love football - euro 08 (1)

Just about got over the frustration of there being no home nations sides in Euro 08. But perhaps it's for the best because judging by some of the football on display I think we could have been severely embarrassed. Yesterday was one of the most entertaining days of international football I can remember.

First up Romania v Italy (1-1): Open game with end to end action, the World Cup champions nearly humiliated and then a fantastic penalty save denying Romania an historic win. Fair result given that Italy had a perfectly good goal ruled offside.

Then with The Guardian's Barry Glendenning having declared Romania Italy the match of the tournament along comes Holland v France (4-1). Holland had already put Italy to the sword (3-0) and topped that performance by destroying France with some brilliant adventurous attacking football not seen since the total football of the Dutch in the 70s and 80s. Holland often flatter to deceive but not last night. 1-0 up at half time their manager van Basten put on another attacker and they sliced the French apart. It was a majestic, magnificent display and reminded me of the Euro '96 encounter between England and Holland (4-1).

That is why I love football!
(couldn't resist the photo of Henry who made my life a misery when playing for Arsenal)

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