Saturday, 21 June 2008

that's why I love football - euro 08 (3)

They've done it again! With the last kick of the ball in extra time Turkey scored to take their match against Croatia to penalites. Given that Croatia had scored just a couple of minutes earlier and thought they had won, it was no surprise that the Turks were better placed for the shoot out. Croatia missed three penalties, the third saved by Rustu who had earlier made the mistake leading to Croatia's goal. That's the thrid time Turkey have saved the day in the last couple of minutes of the game. Their problem now is that half the squad is injured and several others are suspended for the semi final against Germany. Turkey 1-1 Croatia (3-1 on pens).

That's why I love football!
P.S. you may be wondering why I haven't posted on Ronaldo and the transfer saga - it's just too painful but I'm beginning to think that we would be better off selling him and taking the money.

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