Monday, 16 June 2008

that's why I love football - euro 08 (2)

(pic: Petr Cech drops the ball and with it the cup)

This tournament just gets better and better. Settled down with a glass of red to watch Inspector Lynley (turned out to be a repeat) confident that the footie wasn’t going to be up to much. An occasional check on the scores confirmed my decision. The Swiss were beating a second string Portugal (Portugal already through and the Swiss hosts out) and the Czech Republic seemed to be cruising against Turkey (2-0 up). Then flicked over to discover the score had changed, Turkey had scored with 15 mins to go (2-1).

Had to watch the rest of the match (besides I’d remembered who’d done it in the Lynley mystery). Thrilling stuff with Turkey throwing themselves forward and the Czech’s trying to hold on to their lead. A draw would mean penalties but with three minutes to go something happened that I thought I’d never see. Petr Cech, frequently touted as the world’s best goal keeper, drops a simple cross and the Turks equalise (2-2). A minute later and Turkey score again (2-3). Then the Czech’s break forward and Turkey’s goal keeper gets sent off for pushing the Czech striker Koller after the ball has gone out of play. The whistle blows and the Turks go wild and who can blame them. Two goals and a sending off in the last three minutes; unbelievable!

Czech Republic 2 – 3 Turkey. An ITV commentator summed it up saying he'd not be surprised if a spaceship from Mars landed in the centre circle.

That’s why I love football!

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