Friday, 10 October 2014

Mr Burns replies - asylum #Iraq

A few days ago I wrote to my local MP Simon Burns about the situation in Iraq and yesterday I received his response. I am grateful to Mr Burns for his reply, though it read like a stock press release from the government regarding UK humanitarian aid to Iraq. However, in my letter I specifically asked that:
'The Government should follow the example set by other European governments and make provision to provide asylum to those that are unable to return to their homes for fear of persecution and death.
As a constituent in your area, I ask you to raise these concerns with the Secretary of State for International Development and other relevant departments to ensure that additional steps are taken to alleviate the humanitarian suffering in Northern Iraq and to provide refuge and sanctuary to those most in need.' 
The response to this specific request from Mr Burns is as follows:
'However, I will raise your concerns with the relevant Minister and I will let you have a copy of his response once it is received.'
I look forward to hearing what the response from the Minister will be but I am not holding my breath as the government has so far refused to move on this issue.

Here is Mr Burns' letter in full.

If you would like more information about this issue check out the Church of England advice to pray, act, give.

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