Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sausage for breakfast

Apparently Radio 4 Today is trying to update its image and appeal to a younger audience. So last week we had the cringe-worthy spectacle of John Humphrys getting down with a rapper and this morning Humphrys was jousting with John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten. There is nothing new about pop and rock on Today. In 2003 Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were interviewed to coincide with the launch of the Led Zeppelin DVD. I still remember the sigh from Robert Plant as he exclaimed 'Radio 4, has it come to this?'. Truth be told, you need to be my age to remember who these people are, so hardly appealing to a new demographic.

Anyway back to Lydon and Humphrys this morning. Lydon was articulate as usual and in a reasonably emollient mood. And then Humphrys asked a question, about advertising butter I think, to which Lydon responded 'You silly sausage'. And with those three simple expletive free words Today's Rottweiler was well and truly neutred. Our politicians would do well to listen and learn from a master.

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