Monday, 12 July 2010

Bishop Tom bows out

Tom Wright, Bishop of Durham, gave his final speech as a bishop at General Synod today. +Tom will be returning to university based work in the near future, taking up a post as Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at St. Andrew’s. This video shows +Tom making a barnstorming contribution to the debate on Women Bishops. Best line, quoting a London cabbie: 'If God raised Jesus Christ from the dead then everything else is just rock n roll, innit!'


+Tom is a leading Biblical scholar and his return to the academy gives him the opportunity to continue his prolific output of writing. He publishes his more popular works as Tom Wright and his more academic material as N. T. Wright. I for one am looking forward to him completing his major series: Christian Origins and the Question of God. The House of Bishops' loss is the academy’s gain.

The video was recorded by Ruth Gledhill of The Times and I am very grateful that she captured this significant contribution to the debate and that she is happy to share the recording.

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