Friday, 16 July 2010

Still beating

I was interested to hear that Bobby Harrison, former drummer with Procul Harum, will be joined by keyboard player Matthew Fisher to perform A Whiter Shade of Pale at Holy Trinity church, Rayleigh in Essex on Saturday August 21st. This is the first time the two will have played together since the 60s and the gig follows Fisher’s successful legal battle last year for recognition as a composer of the classic song.  bobby-harrison-2008

The venue may be a surprise to die hard rock fans until one discovers that Harrison now plays in a band called Journey, a Christian band based at Thorpe Bay Baptist church. Harrison’s career following Procul Harum included a spell with Snafu supporting top 70s bands including; ELP, the Doobie Brothers and The Eagles. After a struggle with cocaine addiction Harrison moved back to Essex where he became a Christian. Speaking of his faith the drummer comments, ‘I am now in the grip of a gentle giant, the Lord Jesus Christ, where I am happy to be.’ Of the forthcoming gig he says, ‘God certainly moves in mysterious ways and it’s going to be the first time we have performed this song since the 60s’.

Harrison is not the only drummer from the classic rock period still playing in Essex. T.Rex drummer Bill Legend now lives in Chelmsford and plays regularly in a worship band at the Elim Christian Centre. Legend is the only surviving member of T.Rex so no chance of any reunions there.

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