Thursday, 8 July 2010

Dancing in the chancel

It isn’t often you get to see bishops, archdeacons and canons dancing in a cathedral but it happened last night. Chelmsford Cathedral was packed for the annual service celebrating our diocesan lay education and training courses. Over 80 students received their Course in Christian Studies certificates and 13 Pastoral Assistants and 7 Evangelists also received certificates for successfully completing their training.

The Bishop of Bradwell, Laurie Green, welcomed students, family, friends and congregations from across the diocese and reminded us all that this occasion was a springboard to future ministry and service. Annette Cooper, Archdeacon of Colchester, preached on Jesus sending out the disciples (Matthew 10) and focused on the themes of diversity and complementarity in sharing the Good News. A few were rather nervous when Annette began her sermon by exclaiming ‘sound the vuvuzelas’ but the call captured the sense of joy and achievemenccs the peacet which were important features of the service. The music was led by Dry Bones , something of a fixture at these events, with just the right balance of prayerful meditation and praise. Things really kicked off following the sharing of The Peace as the cathedral resounded to the sound of We are marching in the light of God and that’s when the dancing started.

This service is one of the highlights of my working year and it is a great reminder of some of the really good things that God is doing in the church. I am so grateful for all the colleagues who work with me in delivering our lay education and training programmes and very proud of the students who have shown so much commitment in their studies and growing discipleship in Christ.

Now where did I put my vuvuzela?

Bicknacre ccsStudents of the Bicknacre CCS centre proudly display their certificates

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