Monday, 5 July 2010

Simulation: World Cup 2010 (9)

Sadly and predictably this year’s World Cup has been marred by excessive diving and feigned injuries. The most blatant act of cheating, amongst many contenders, was perpetuated by Keita during the match between Ivory Coast and Brazil. Keita ran into Brazil’s Kaka, fell to the ground and rolled around hkaka offolding his face. The referee, who didn’t see the incident, booked Kaka and sent him off. Replays clearly show that Kaka didn’t raise his arm and certainly didn’t strike Keita in the face.

It has been pointed out that this is a case of Brazil being on the receiving end of something they are also guilty of. The best example is the 2002 World Cup when Rivaldo went down clutching his face having had the ball kicked into his legs at a corner during a match against Turkey. The Turkish player Unsal was sent off, though FIFA later punished Rivaldo for ‘simulation’.

So what’s the answer? Well here’s one possibility.

h/t Bishop of Bradwell

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