Thursday, 29 July 2010

Pickfords – the sequel

Yesterday I wrote a post about the unpleasant experience of a clergy family using Pickfords for their recent move. Today I am pleased to post the following comment that was left on my blog by a representative of the company:
My name is Charmaine Watts, I am responsible for Customer Service at Pickfords.
I noted with concern, your blog and the photographs that have been posted onto Twitter by our customer. On behalf of Pickfords, I apologise unreservedly for the incident, it was the individual failing of one person within our organization and is not representative of the service we deliver to thousands of families on the move each year.
I did not hear of the concern from the Reverend directly, but we have reacted quickly to your blog and have investigated the case this morning and interviewed the crew.
We were very disappointed with the conduct displayed by the concerned individual who has been immediately suspended for gross misconduct pending investigation and formal disciplinary action.
I will make contact with the Reverend directly to extend my personal apologies for this regrettable incident.
It is good to see the company responding so promptly and interesting to note that they monitor Twitter and the blogosphere. I wait to hear if their unhappy customers receive the promised apology and some appropriate recompense.


Simon Heron said...

So many lessons to learn.

-How Twitter and Facebook should be monitored by anyone involved with customer relations - which I guess includes the church of England.

-How thoughts should often stay in the safety of our heads, and not see the light of day either written or spoken.

There's probably many others..

Tim Goodbody said...

all went well here today, ending up with the driver asking for a Bibel verse - for his tattoo!

BanksyBoy said...

Now written up as an example on my wee Social Networking tutorial blog:

Be sure your sin will find you out"

Nice one Phil...!

G said...

When I worked at a builders' merchants, the Health & Safety dept used to monitor YouTube closely. They were constantly on the lookout for people doing stupid stuff and posting it up for their mates. And they kept finding it as well.