Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Pickfords – sign of the times (10)

The slogan of the Pickfords moving and storage company is: A move as individual as you are. Well, one clergy family found out what that meant when they had the privilege of being moved by Pickfords this week. Rounding off a generally unpleasant experience they discovered this witty epithet on one of the packing boxes.

moving box

A sad reflection of the contempt with which some companies treat customers who have paid good money for a service. Not clever really as clergy move quite a few times during their ministry and word soon gets around about which firms to use and who to avoid.

Photo courtesy of @Kneewax


Stuart said...

I once took my company car to have expensive work carried out on it at a local garage.

When I picked up the car and switched on the stereo, they'd blocked reception to radio stations and the screen now scrolled with obscenities.

The company I worked for called to register their complaint and were met with my mirth and sniggering at all levels.

Perhaps I'm just miserable, but it wasn't funny and we had to contact the stereo manufacturers to obtain the key code to re-program.

This was a garage that dealt with the whole fleet of company cars...past tense....

Tim Goodbody said...

aaargh Phil my Father in law is moving today and tomorrow with P*****rds!!!
I used to do quite a lot of removals work and every firm I ever worked for considered Pickfords to be the worst possible option; unfortunately they are the Ryanair of movers and always give you a cheaper preice ...

Charmaine Watts said...

My name is Charmaine Watts, I am responsible for Customer Service at Pickfords

I noted with concern, your blog and the photographs that have been posted onto Twitter by our customer. On behalf of Pickfords, I apologise unreservedly for the incident, it was the individual failing of one person within our organization and is not representative of the service we deliver to thousands of families on the move each year.

I did not hear of the concern from the Reverend directly, but we have reacted quickly to your blog and have investigated the case this morning and interviewed the crew.

We were very disappointed with the conduct displayed by the concerned individual who has been immediately suspended for gross misconduct pending investigation and formal disciplinary action.

I will make contact with the Reverend directly to extend my personal apologies for this regrettable incident.

jante said...

Not sure where Tim gets the idea they are the cheapest. We have just received 3 quotes for our move to Theological college this September and Pickfords while reasonable on Storage were the most expensive on the move to college.