Sunday, 30 January 2011


This morning Christians up and down the land may be challenged to engage in an act of alt worship. It’s a fifth Sunday in the month and many churches take the opportunity to try something different. Some churches will be celebrating the Presentation of Christ a few days early. Some will get out the pebbles, tea lights, harps and Iona music for a taste of the Celtic (green and white hooped shirts not obligatory).

However, I suspect there will be many Christians favouring alt worship. Contrary to belief in liturgical circles, alt worship does not refer to alternative worship but Australian Lawn Tennis Worship. Andy Murray, the great hope of British tennis, is playing in the final of the Australian Open this morning against someone who isn’t called Nadal or Federer. Surely, this is the chance for Britain’s woeful run of failure in men’s top tennis toumurrayrnaments to come to an end. And so the nation is called to fall on its knees in supplication for a British win. Of course if Murray fails to beat Novak Djokovic he reverts to being Scottish but let us not be negative.

Come on Andy!

Update: The Scottish lad lost.

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