Saturday, 8 January 2011

World Cup Antarctic 2026

Rumours are rife in football circles that FIFA are planning to award the 2026 World Cup to the Antarctic. This would fit in with the organisation's previously stated desire to see the game expanded into uncharted football territory. There are no stadiums in the Antarctic at present but that won’t be a problem as Qatar will be putting a job lot on eBay following their hosting of the 2022 tournament.

There has been no comment from FIFA supremo Sepp Blatter, though he is known to be keen to see the beautiful game go truly global. If Blatter plans to continue his presidencysnow footie2 indefinitely, then the frozen wastes of the Antarctic continent will be an ideal environment for him and his pals to be cryogenically preserved. Not so good for the footballers but that is a minor consideration and the Wags will be delighted at the offer of free fur coats to keep them nice and warm. Switching the 2022 Qatari World Cup to the winter was thought to be a good attempt at acclimatisation for the squads, until it was pointed out that the winter temperature in Qatar will still be about 25 snow footballdegrees. The mascot marketing strategy will also have to be rethought as it has been pointed out that there are no polar bears in Antarctica.

The only minor potential setback to Antarctic 2026 would be the melting of the ice shelves thanks to global warming. However, if FIFA want the game to cover the planet then at some stage they will have a tournament on the sea bed.


Archdruid Eileen said...

The melting of the ice shelves would have the twin advantages of making the under-soil heating unnecessary, and making the oil reserves far more accessible. Which would then mean that Antarctica would be as rich as Qatar.
Everyone's a winner.

Philip Ritchie said...

Brilliant Archdruid Eileen. By the way, I've discovered there are two Facebook groups supporting the bid.