Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Some great female football journos

A few days ago I sent out a tweet asking for recommendations of football blogs written by women. I think it was taken as a joke because it followed some twitter conversations about Christian blogs written by women. I was being serious but my request was met with deafening silence. Recommendations are still very welcome.

In the light of the Neanderthal Tendency’s activities over at Sky Sports I thought I’d mention a few of the female sports journalists who clearly know a lot more about football than just the off side rule.
  1. Sue Mott. Despite her infatuation with all things Arsenal, Sue consistently delivers the goods with her incisive observations. Sue has a vast experience of a wide range of sports and having spent many years at The Telegraph she is now a freelance writer.
  2. Marina Hyde. This lady is one of my favourite columnists. She writes for The Guardian on a range of issues but has weekly columns on sport and celebrity which, lets be honest, often go together. Here is a fine example of her withering style.
  3. Georgina Turner. Writing for Sports Illustrated, Georgina’s material is a mixture of detailed analysis and comment. She is writing for a wide international audience (which explains the $ rather than £ in her pieces) and I’m not recommending her just because of articles like this.
  4. Alyson Rudd. A Scouser. The problem for Alyson is that she is stuck behind The Times pay wall along with other great journos like David Aaronovitch. She knows football from the turf up, having played for Leyton Orient Ladies, and is one of several female sports writers who more than hold their own on the brilliant BBC Radio 5 Live’s Fighting Talk. She’s also good value on Twitter.
  5. Jacquelin Magnay. The Telegraph’s Olympics Editor, Jacquelin wrote an excellent piece on sexism in sport. She knows what she is talking about having won a landmark case in the Human Rights Commission that made it illegal for sporting clubs to discriminate against media on the basis of gender. Doesn’t write much about football but deserves an honourable mention.
You might also want to check out +Nick Baines’s suggestion for how to handle the offensive remarks of reprobate sports presenters.

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