Friday, 28 January 2011


During the 1990s I had the privilege of working with Tim Hull both as a colleague in the parish and at North Thames Ministerial Training Course (now part of St Mellitus College). Apart from being a great teacher and theologian, with a particular expertise in all things Pannenberg, Tim has a real interest in harnessing audio visual and digital communications technology in theological education and training.

In the parish Tim and I used to have a private competition trying to produce illustrations for our sermons which would keep the other one guessing how they were created. Tim has moved well ahead of me in that game and as a member of the St John’s, Nottingham faculty has a particular brief for developing extension studies multimedia resources. One of his major projects is Timeline, a great resource for those interested in exploring key Biblical and theological themes and figures from a historical perspective. I’ll let Tim explain how it works.


Revsimmy said...

Wow! It looks really interesting, as does the companion Timeline of early Christina history. I'm just trying to decide whether to order the current prototype versions or wait until the full version ships. I still can't quite get out of the corporate IT mentality that says "never buy version 1".

Sue D said...

Fascinating - just what's needed to tie things together! I've ordered the early Christian prototype one.

Sam Norton said...

I was getting very confused by this post until I realised that I had misread 'Hull' as 'Bull' :)