Wednesday, 5 January 2011

We need a big picture: Bible Year 2011 (3)

Another message I missed in the midst of the New Year celebrations was Rowan Williams’s New Year message. In it the Archbishop reminds us that we all need a big picture to help us make sense of our lives. Taking the theme of the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible,  Rowan suggests:
Whether you're a Christian or belong to another religion or whether you have nothing you'd want to call a religion at all, some kind of big picture matters. If we 're going to talk about a 'big society', that'll need a big picture, a picture of what human beings are really like and why they're so unique and precious. This year's anniversary is a chance to stop and think about the big picture – and to celebrate the astonishing contribution made by that book four hundred years ago.

The full text of Archbishop Rowan’s message can be found here.

On a similar theme I have organised a series of courses in the Diocese of Chelmsford on how we can explore ‘the big picture’ and details can be found here.

Details of other Bible Year 2011 initiatives in the diocese can be found here.

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