Sunday, 5 April 2015

Peter's Song

Peter’s Song

“Upside down you’re turning me
You’re giving love instinctively”
A paradox, contrary thing,
lion/lamb, servant/King
My King, our King, their King
Breaking down before our eyes
Beaten, abandoned and despised
Can’t take any more
I’m finished, I’m done
Can’t feel the heat anymore from the Son
‘It is finished’ – even you said that
Just dropped your head
No fight, just dead.
And yet…

Something niggles at the back of my mind
Those looks you gave, like I was blind
Hurt, disappointed but not unkind.
When the women came and said what they’d seen
I had to be sure and now I’m running
Rushing wind through sleeping streets
Exhilaration in my feet
“Choose life…
Choose a future”
A different beat.
Something’s happened I can’t explain
But nothing will ever be the same.
I’m seeing things from the other side
Love survived. It’s death that died.

“Upside down you’re turning me”
Quite literally, upside…down.
​Kate Ritchie

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Fry Branded

There have been a lot of very interesting and thoughtful pieces written in response to Stephen Fry's expression of protest atheism. For a good example check out Pete Greig's Amen to Stephen Fry's Atheism. Pete writes as someone who has committed his life to prayer and encouraging others to pray. You may be tempted to think that Pete's response is written from the perspective of someone who has never had to face what Stephen Fry is talking about. Shortly after the birth of their second child, Pete's wife Samie was diagnosed with a massive brain tumour and though the tumour was successfully removed by surgery she continues to suffer from terrible epilepsy. God on Mute is Pete's wrestling with the issue of unanswered prayer.

Perhaps the most surprising response has come from Russell Brand who takes on some of Stephen Fry's arguments. I don't agree with all that Brand says but he raises some important issues and opens the way to further interesting dialogue. See what you think. 

And by the way, in his interview Fry claims this:
The moment you banish him (God), your life becomes simpler, purer, cleaner, and more worth living in my opinion.
Really? REALLY? You mean bone cancer suddenly becomes easier to live with and children with that horrible eye worm you talk about find life better? That statement seems to be a glib denial of the very suffering Fry commandeers to support his argument.