Saturday, 12 March 2011

Easter(Live) 2011 #EasterLIVE

Watch out for the pub landlord whose upper room was hired for a Passover party.

Following on from the popular and successful Natwivity, Easter(Live) is a diverse collection of passion stories being told live on Twitter this Easter. Tweeps can sign up, create their own stories and follow others and tell the Easter story in new ways.

EasterLIVELogo I’ve signed up and my intention is to explore an approach which is a mix of Gerd Theissen’s The Shadow of the Galilean and Monty Python’s Life of Brian. The idea of stories in which Jesus is one step ahead or just off stage have always appealed to me. I’ll try and use a popular cultural approach with music, video and anything else that offers a sideways slant on the Easter story. I may also try and link in with some of what is going on with our Beer and Bible project, with a particular focus on reading the Bible in pubs during Holy Week.

Right, I’m off to sort out the orders for Passover week. Still embarrassed about that wedding gig when we ran out of wine:(

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